Rath is an experimental feature film and was screened as part of Dingle International Film Festival  23-26 March 2017, winning the Audience Choice Award for ‘best feature’.

There were three screenings at Carnegie Arts Centre Kenmare, Co. Kerry.

Rath was screened at Kerry Film Festival 19-22 October 2017.


A wealth of information is in danger of being lost, as knowledge which has been passed down orally through the generations has never been recorded. This film tells the story of Brendan O’Sullivan Rath, the last person with this particular wisdom born and bred and still living in the townland of Rath, a small place in the mountains near Kenmare, Co. Kerry.

Chronicling the journey of Brendan through nearby fields and places where he spent time as a child, it focuses on the historical facts and tells his personal story. The film catalogues the names and locations where hedge schools took place, the site of an ancient milestone beside the road as well as spots with particular associations along the river and in certain fields. Many of these names are in Irish. The film highlights our interconnectedness with place and the value of our ancestry.