Residual Minority, 2019; 4k, 8min, black + white, sound.

Home: Being and Belonging in Contemporary Ireland, The Glucksman, Cork, 2020. 
Selected by RAGFF New York and NYC Independent Film Festival, 2020.
The work formed part of LUX Critical Forum Cork Artists’ Programme at Luminous Void Experimental Film Festival and screened at SSA + VAS CutLog, Scottish Royal Academy Edinburgh
. Residual Minority was a selected finalist of Intimate Lens Ethnographic Film Festival, Caserta Italy and the Florence Film Awards 2020.

Bó, 2019; HD, Documentary Film, 30 min.

A poignant portrait of an endangered animal native to Ireland and her keepers, The Kerry cow is the oldest cow in existence in Europe. Ireland’s special association these animals goes back thousands of years and they held an integral place in Irish society. The Kerry’s significance is no less important today for a select number of individuals who are doing their utmost to preserve the breed. The film was shortlisted for the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival and screened for the Kerry Cattle Breeders in 2019. The project involved community engagement and was supported by Creative Ireland.
Cavern, 2017; performance, 8 min, HD, colour, sound.

Wunderground Film Festival
The Verbeke Foundation Belgium 01.11.2018 – 07.04.2019.

In ‘Cavern’ a ritualistic scene is encountered, the everyday world is separated from a sacred space. Entering the uncanny darkness we return to the source, to a place of primal power and come face to face with our own mortality and origin. The work does not offer closure or codification, but rather a merging of an imaginative with a physical space.

Níos Doihmne, 2018;  6 min, HD, colour, black + white, sound. Sights and Sounds of Ireland Today,
Solas Nua, Dupont Underground, Washington DC (03 – 0.5 2018).

There is a strong psychological undercurrent in this work, we feel the pull of familial bonds, traces of memory and the order of time. All these elements combine to weave a portrait of the turf cutter who rhythmically continues his task which ordinarily mundane, becomes a thing of ritual beauty.
Nothing further, 2018; 3 min, HD, colour, sound.

The work is a visual poem about self-acceptance. Fleeting as the snow which falls in winter, we disappear, but our subsymbolic connectivity continues through time and space.