The Bee and Great Mother,2014; HD video, 2 mins, looped, sound
The Bee and Great Mother a site specific perfromative work, the artist’s my mother - her children's grandmothee - represents the 'Universal Mother'. The film gentle hum of the bee takes over at the close, representing our interconnectedness with the world, the cosmos and with each other. The bee is a symbol of fertility and sexuality, belonging to the lunar mythology of the ‘Great Mother’ in many religions and spiritual beliefs. In Minoan mythology the sound of bees humming was thought to be the voice of the goddess and the creative sound of life itself.

This work was presented at
Motherhood and Creative Practice, Centre for Media and Culture Research, School of Arts and Creative Industries, London South Bank University, selected by Dr. Elena Marchevska and Valerie Walkerdine in 2015.
Mieke herself presented the film and a paper on her work, to an audience that included Professor Griselda Pollock.