Counter of Years, 2016; HD, 10 mins, colour, sound
Counter of Years can be interpreted as a puberty ritual which originates from a prehistoric matriarchal era. Upon leaving home the girl enters a liminal state and by going through a ‘ritual act’ makes the transition to womanhood. She wanders in the forest, the place seems peaceful - but within lurks a danger. She is accompanied only by the gentle hum of the wind and birdsong, a ritualistic chiming adds to this magical occurrence as the bell tolls solemnly, announcing an important event. As a metaphor for life and the expectations put upon us as we grow older, there exist threats and menacing forces in our world. The girl can run away and cover herself in the protective mantle of the magical Foxglove (digitalis purpurea: a species of flowering plant in the plantain family Plantaginaceae, native and widespread throughout most of temperate Europe). It is a powerful plant associated with myth and folklore and possesses toxic and healing properties. The Foxglove gives her the capacity to overcome evil and she is lucky to be allowed to continue her path to maturity unscathed.