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The Core Project

The Core Project  is a contemporary visual art project, led by Artist/Curator Matthew Nevin. The project will feature 200+ Videos; that will be showcased online, through an experimental film, and in a large scale installation in September 2017 in RUA RED Gallery Dublin.

As a participant in the Core Project, I have made an impromtu film along the Schelde Promenade in Antwerp Belgium.

Core Project | Antwerp Belgium from Mieke Vanmechelen on Vimeo.

Each video contains a single person representing each of the sovereign states of the world. These participants are provided instructions which include an previously unseen question,  the film itself will serve as an answer. This question will only ever be revealed to the participants of the project.

The project focuses on the accumulation of an ephemeral art public, analysing the process of each of the participants understanding of the question, exploring their visual set up [how they set up the camera, their ‘visual scene’], their method and practice in participating in the project. Rosalyn Deutsch proposes that an art public does not pre-exist, in contrast to an art audience, it is produced by “participation in political activity”.

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