Placing Practice, Research Practices

‘Arch Drawing’ as an Historical Document of Culture

With regard to my project for ‘placing practice’ my main interest initially was in ‘arch drawing’, how it has changed and been influenced and examining those changes and influences. I began my investigation by sitting in on a critical review at CCAE and meeting students and tutors. On further enquiry I realised that the role of ‘arch drawing’  has a much deeper cultural significance,  perhaps a loss of the humanistic role of architecture in this age of technology. It seems to me that drawing was part of an architectural methodology but with the onset of technological advancement there is a slight feeling of instability. I would like to examine closely the moments surrounding the adoption and rejections of drawing as architecture’s primary tool of design.

I would like look at how architects use drawings and why it is the primary medium for architectural conception. In relation to this question I would like to ask how architects use computation and I would like to explore the idea that whether completed through mouse or pencil, the medium utilised is still drawing.

Strasbourg Plan A, c. 1260, Musée de l’Oeuvre Nortre-Dame, inv. 1, Strasbourg, France.

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