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Realisations concerning Matrixial Borderspace

Our talk with Dr. Tina Kinsella concerning ‘Affect’ and the works of Bracha Ettinger opened up areas of thought which have huge relevance for me.
I am still processing much of what was discussed and coming to new realisations, about my work, about my own life and how it has affected what I do and how I perceive and process information.

I will add to this as time progresses and I gain more insights. In the meantime, I am drawn to this quote by Braccha Ettinger,

The function of psychoanalytic theory for art may be to lend its conceptual tools to exposing the existence in art of a site of yet unformed knowledge about sexuality and subjectiyity, to clarify this site as a source for ideas that are awaiting signification in language, and to articulate them.” from Bracha Ettinger, ‘Trans-subjective Transferential Borderspace’