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Workshop with Clodagh Emoe

Our workshop with artist Clodagh Emoe was extremely informative, as well as enjoyable.  Clodagh Emoe shared some insights into her work process with us and gave us a professional perspective on what it takes to realise projects.  A main aspect of her practice is based around the  a gathering of people and the use of art as ‘encounter’. Many of her projects are audience orientated and based on an exploration of how thoughts are ‘felt’  as a result of specific ‘gatherings’. This raised interesting questions around art in general, such as,

What constitutes a work?

When is a work complete?

Who completes the work?

What is the role of the viewer?

Is it correct to refer to the person experiencing or participating in the work as ‘the viewer’?

I was one of a group of four to experiment with these concepts and together we produced a site specific piece centred around a loaf of white sliced bread. It made us think about collaboration, ownership of art, conclusion of a piece, the involvement of an audience and the unpredictability of working in this way.  The piece  involved a choreographed interaction with  an audience,  and chance element (seagulls) and each other,  realising a project like this was extremely challenging and insightful.

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