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The article by Shirley Kaneda “Painting and Its Others, The Feminine in Abstract Painting” in the Whitechapel series, opened up a whole set of questions for me, and lead me on to further enquiry.

I started looking for a way to explain this ‘feminine’ aspect of expression. Following my reading of an article by Kathleen Lennon called Feminist Perspectives on the Body” (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) I became am interested in the link between psychoanalysis and the root of artistic expression and the semiotic theory of Julia Kristeva.  For her, “Language as symbolic function constitutes itself at the cost of repressing instinctual drives and continuous relation to the mother.  On the contrary….. poetic language… reactivates this represses, instinctual, maternal element” (Kristeva 1980 136) The semiotic for Kristeva is inherently linked to the feminine and represents a stage before boundaries are experienced by the infant.

I would like to revisit some of the works of the following philosophers and psychoanalysts:

Jacques Lacan
Melanie Klein
Wilfred Bion
Jean Laplanche

And expand my research into the works of:

Julia Kristeva
Bracha Ettinger
Luce Irigaray
Jaques Derrida

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