Visit to National Sculpture Factory and The Guesthouse Artists Collective

We had an interesting day visiting The National Sculpture Factory (NSF)  and The Guesthouse Artists Collective. NSF is an organisation which assists artists by providing a supportive working environment, giving artists the opportunity to develop new projects and improve skills. They are also involved in a vibrant cross cultural exchange programme, bringing together national and international artists, curators and philosophers. They provide residencies, lecture programmes, cultural exchanges, masterclasses and professional development workshops.

After lunch we visited The Guesthouse on Chapel St,  founded in 2004 and opened in 2009.  An artist led initiative, the Guesthouse provides residencies for Irish and international artists. The venue faciliates solo and group shows as well as cross-practice peer exchange, all in a residential setting.  By hosting events, many based around food,  people come together with shared interests and also new exchanges are initiated,  artists, curators, critics and passionate cooks come together in this informal setting, encouraging  interaction.

It was interesting to actually see how both organisations work with artists and the huge benefits from such relationships. Both organisations were interested in establishing a link with us as artists and wanted to maintain contact. They  were both encouraging and open to future projects with any of us should a need arise.

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